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Summer closing party


During the summer season, we at Strelka tried to make predictions of how architecture, design, music and technologies would be shaping the future already now.

To celebrate the end of the season, we invite you to the theatre of future, where amidst the red velvet covers LED-screens will replace old-fashioned spotlights, light-reflecting flickers -traditional jewellery. The night’s dress code: red is the new black.

Our main guest for this unforgettable night is King Krule: a London-based music prodigy who is shaping the music paradigm of the future (here and now). Call him King Krule, Zoo Kid, or Archy Marshall – it is all him: a red-haired 19-year-old chap who has a voice and a talent that are much deeper than one would expect from someone of his age.

“Marshall’s vocal is close to the ideal blues-punk sound,” – Rolling Stone Russia

“King Krule is that wind of change that will blow away all the stars of today,” – Afisha

The first time you listen to King Krule you’ll be shocked by his rich, angry baritone – a pissed-off Joe Strummer having a stand-up row with Billy Bragg, a voice that seems absurd coming from this pencil-thin, hollow-cheeked boy. The second time you listen, you’ll be gripped by the beauty of his songs – even though, first time around, you didn’t think they were beautiful at all,” – The Guardian