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Summer Night Camp


Strelka presents Summer Camp, a nighttime, open-air festival inspired by American hippies and contemporary Brooklyn Indians. For one night, the courtyard at Strelka will turn into a groovy hippy commune where you can forget about the big city and feel as free as a whooping redskin. Lie under the stars on a field of artificial turf, grill up some hot dogs and marshmallows on an open fire, swing on a swing set, or, if you want to escape the hum of the city, crawl inside a real Indian tepee. Enjoy performances by local and Western musicians, as well as a psychedelic video.

Sun Araw (US)

Cameron Stallones is one of experimental music’s biggest stars, with links Animal Collective and Not Not Fun records, and multiple records to his name. Stallones spent years working at a Los Angeles film archive, and the films of Andrei Tarkovsky and Peter Greenaway, along with ancient Roman history and classic dub, are just some of the diverse influences heard in the epic and complex sounds of Sun Araw.

Tim Cox DJ-set (US)

A DJ-set from the bassist of Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti. Cox is a man with eclectic musical tastes: He’s as likely to play Ethiopian pop music as he is old-school reggae or 1980s hits.


Pavel Yeremeyev and Artyom Galkin, well-known Moscow underground artists, play together in “Ya Sleva Sverkhu” and Kruzr Ken. Usssy began with hardcore, then got interested in Sufi music, and now plays authentic Eastern music.


An all-female choir from Samara. Under the direction of architect Dmitry Kolevaty. Every performance is one of a kind. This spring, Roudelay participated in Look At Me’s “10 Young Musicians” program and worked with Arcade Fire drummer Jeremy Gara.

Foggy Music

Muscovite Mark Lukyanov has been recording as Mississippi Landscapes and Foggy Music for four years. Lukyanov’s projects each have a unique sound. As Foggy Music, he plays diluted, beautiful lo-fi electronica in the spirit of Sun Araw.