Summer Shorts: Australia

english (translated to russian)
Placed by programmes of leading world festivals — from Sundance and Tribeca to Cannes and Berlin, Australian short films altogether become even sharper, and give a clear idea of perspective new Australian cinema boom, which already claims for main film awards.
Language: english / russian subtitles
Two Men
Director Dominic Allen, 2009, 4 min
Multi award winning Australian short film, Two Men, directed by Dominic Allen and shot in the Kimberly town of Fitzroy Crossing by Joel Betts, features a robust and dynamic cast of indigenous Australian non actors. Based on Kafka’s short story, Two Men Running, Allen’s short film has been screened in a swathe of international film festivals including New York, Prague, London, Melbourne and Sydney and in 2009 was a Dendy Australian Short Film of the Year finalist.
The Kiss
Director Ashlee Page, 2010, 16 min
Fueled by alcohol and hormones, 16-year-old friends Aimee and Steph take a reckless swim in a fire water tank to escape the stifling heat on a hot summer night. A moment of intimacy segues into unimaginable panic when they discover the ladder out is just beyond their grasp.Young Love
Director Ariel Kleiman, 2008, 7 min
Clarity often exists in the eyes of strangers.

Some Static Started
Director Ben Briand, 2010, 8 min
A strange nightmare in a hot motel by the side of a highway. A bleeding man. A girl in trouble. The dream that brings them together. The dark follow up from the director of Apricot, continuing his interest in memory and identity.
Australian Director’s Guild Award 2010 : Best Short Film Nomination

Bee Sting
Director Heath Davis, 2010, 14 min
Starring Brendan Cowell and Matilda Brown, Bee Sting takes in love and complications as a father and son fall for the same woman on the schoolyard.

Director Edward Housden, 2010, 14 min
Richard’s sister Millie wants to be a world famous bodybuilder. Millie, a testosterone driven 14-year-old girl, is the dominant force in the family. Richard is transparent. What happens when Millie is a better boy than he is?

The Not So Great Eugene Green
Director Michael Hill, 2009,13 min
Eugene Green is a strange elderly man with a simple dream -
to entertain his world through the art of vocal sound effects. Unfortunately he has an annoyingly small repertoire.