Summer Shorts: Berlinale Shorts 2

english (translated to russian)

Belgium, 2008
Director Nathalie Andre
15 min

A young woman clad in bike leathers in the brambles. She’s looking for her mobile. In the end, she dances.

Mumbler / Mompelaar
Belgium, 2007
Director Marc Roels, Wim Reygaert
22 min

Lubbert is a young man who lives with his domineering mother in a small house in the country. Out walking one morning he encounters among others a strange group of would-be neighbours. Reality and imagination converge – with a nod to the old masters of the Flemish school of painting. Lubbert does not return alone.

Photos Of God
UK, 2009
Director Paul Wright
29 min

Forced to look after his disabled mother Aaron has grown up cut off from the outside world. Together yet apart they live a fragile life of isolation, haunted by memories that threaten to engulf them.

Night Fishing / Paranmanjang
South Korea, 2011
Director PARKing CHANce ( PARK Chan-wook, Park Chan-kyong)
33 min


Deep in the woods, cutting through the fog, a man walks in carrying a fishing bag. He arrives at the edge of a river. The man leisurely goes about setting up his fishing rods and starts fishing. Hours later, night has fallen on the quiet riverside. The man hasn’t caught much fish and just sits, waiting. Just then, something big is caught on the fishing rod. It’s not something he can put on his dinner plate, but a mysterious young woman in white funeral dress crying in a little girl’s voice, call him “daddy” …