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Scandinavian short films of all genres imaginable, from a half-hour space epic to a 1-minute love story.


Denmark 2012, 8 min.
Director Carina Randløv

Joyce is sitting on the back seat of her mother’s red Toyota Corolla. She is 13 years old and flying to Berlin alone, to meet her father and his new girlfriend. A journey which could be happy was it not for Joyce’s mother. Telling the story of adults who project their pent-up emotions on to children, and about children consequently turning into little adults.

Dance Music Now

Sweden 2012, 9 min.
Director Johan Jonason

In a recording studio, a singer tries to lay down the vocals for a pop song. His producer interrupts him and is told to shut up. They have been here before, but they are both beyond their younger years. Will they make it through the session?

Festivals and awards:
Guldbagge Awards Nomination – Best Short Film
Hamptons International Film Festival – participation

La Viande + l’amour

Sweden 2012, 1 min.
Director Johanna Rubin

A very short romantic comedy, the essence, the very crescendo, the embrace, the kiss. All of it represented in raw meat. It can’t get more physical than this.

Festivals and awards:
Uppsala International Short Film Festival – special mention
Göteborg Internatiional Film Festival – participation

Kjære Lisa

Norway 2011, 10 min.
Director Charlotte Blom

In this humorous, yet bitter-sweet, short film Dear Lisa, we start out with the speeches Lisa have received through life – from her father’s confirmation speech to her friend’s birthday speech, her husband’s words for her on their wedding day, and during her funeral. The last speech, however, is given by Lisa.

Festivals and awards:
Göteborg Internatiional Film Festival – participation
Sapporo International Short Film Festival – participation
Kaliber35 Munich International Short Film Festival – participation

Benjamin’s Flowers

Sweden 2012, 12 min.
Director Malin Erixon

Benjamin’s lack of love and company has placed him on the blurry borderline between fantasy and reality, where it can be hard to understand what’s what. We meet Benjamin in the room in which he lives his life – see his confusion, his obsessive thoughts and colorful imagination.

Festivals and awards:
Sundance Film Festival – participation
Stockholm International Film Festival – Best Short Film


Sweden 2012, 15 min.
Director Fijona Jonuzi

11-year-old Astrid wants to do things her way, but her mother thinks she is too young. Astrid rebels and slips away for an afternoon in town with her friends. High on freedom, she ends up out of her depth, and as the day draws to a close she has a problem she needs to deal with.

Festivals and awards:
Chicago International Film Festival – participation
Göteborg Internatiional Film Festival – participation

Hakoili – Girl in a box

Denmark 2012, 8 min.
Director Maremi Watanabe

Core lives inside a star with her broken robot-father. Her job is to produce energy for the star to shine, every day. Her lonely, monotonous life shatters, when a comet flies into her reactor…

Junk Love

Denmark 2011, 27 min.
Director Nikolaj Feifer

Produced by Mikkel Jersin N, the film stars actor and Robert-winner Peter Plaugborg as Edwin, the lone crew member aboard the SS Hamlet, a spacecraft slowly leaking his oxygen supply into space. If he cannot find a way to fix the leak his own life will be lost. A distant memory about his lost wife is what keeps him alive when facing death.

Festivals and awards:
Sitges Film Festival – participation

Age restriction: 16+