Summer Shorts: Spain


Language: spanish / russian subtitles
Selection of the most colorful film from two regions of Spain – Madrid and Catalonia.
Main heroes of all Spanish short films festivals in one programme.

Get Stuffed
Spain, 2010
Director Alex Villagrasa
9 minLester Lockwood, a cartoon from the golden age of traditional cell animation, shows up at an audition full of computer generated characters.
He is dismissed and rejected many times because of his outdated profile.
Tired of this situation, Lester finally decides to change radically. Will this be enough to solve his professional woes?

The Same Old Story
Spain, 2009
Director Jose Luis Montesinos
11 min

One by one, all the passengers of a city bus stop talking and attentively follow a man’s mobile phone conversation with his ex-wife. She simply wants him to help her find a necklace that she forgot to take with her when she moved out; he is desperately seeking another chance to get back together.

My Other Half
Spain, 2009
Director Beatriz M Sanchis
18 min

Adrián and Andrea have been connected since birth. A strange optical disability means that they see the world in an incomplete but complementary fashion. Both know of the existence of the other because they are treated by the same ophthalmologist, Sophie. For this reason, for as long as they can remember, they have known that somewhere, there is «another half».

Dying Everyday
Spain, 2010
Director  Altor Echeverria
14 min

Blanca is not willing to let her family enjoy a quiet dinner. The conversation is boring and she is irritated by the same old jokes. She knows that things could be different.

The Twin Girls Of Sunset Street
Spain, 2010
Directors Marc Riba, Anna Solanas
13 min

The year is 1912. On Ponent Street in Barcelona’s El Raval district, Enriqueta and Ramoneta, two elderly twins united by a perverse relationship, kidnap Juanito.

Spain, 2009
Director Carlos Morett
10 min

Cyclops is set in the future of a new Madrid. It is the story of two policemen who are brothers. It follows the inner turmoil of one of the brothers, suffering terrible nightmares, who begins to question his position in the Police Force, all due to a mistake that will probably haunt the rest of his life.

Spain, 2009
Director Nely Reguera
13 min

A family tries to get back to normal.