Summer Shorts: Sweden

english (translated to russian)

The nominees for «Golden Bug» (Guldbagge) national award and European film awards, participants of festivals in Berlin, Locarno and Cannes. Zombies in Stockholm, overaged babies, Berlin film festivals’ «Golden Bear» for the most ridiculous bank robbery, and new neighbour of a little fox — all the best of Swedish short films for the last two years.

Supported by Swedish Film Institute. 
Language: swedish / russian subtitles

Tord And Tord (animation)
Director Niki Lindroth von Bahr, 2010, 11 min
One day Tord accidentally walks in to the apartment next to his own. Another person named Tord lives there, he has just moved in. Tord and Tord start to spend time with each other.
Nominated for the Guldbagge Award 2011 — best short film,
Sundance film festival 2011 — official selection
Berlin International film festival — official selection — Generation program
Winner – Best Animated Short – Abu Dhabi Film Festival
Annecy – official selection

The Unliving
Director Hugo Lilja, 2010, 28 min
Thirty years after a zombie outbreak, people have started taming and using the zombies as cheap workforce. The young couple, Katrine and Mark, struggle with the tidies everyday life of dirty zombie catching, bloody lobotomy experiments and a relationship on the verge of falling apart.
Stockholm International Film Festival — winner — 1 km of film award
Berlin International Film Festival — competition — Berlinale Shorts

Las Palmas
Director Johannes Nyholm, 2011, 11 min
Marja is a middle-aged charter tourist from Sweden who isn?t adept at playing the social game of holidays in the sun. Marja is played by a one-year-old and the supporting cast consists of marionettes. It sounds mad, and it is, as in madly funny. Noone will be able to resist it.
Gothenburg International Film Festival — official selection — opening film
Hamburg International Shortfilm Festival — festival award
The synch Leader Award, Sweden

Incident by a Bank
Director Ruben Östlund, 2010, 12 min
«Incident by a bank» is a detailed and humorous account of a failed bank robbery: A single take where over 96 people perform a meticulous choreography for the camera. «Incident by a bank» recreates an actual event that took place in Stockholm back in June 2006; it’s an observation in real-time and a study of how people act and react to the unexpected.
Berlin International Film Festival — Golden Bear — Berlinale Shorts
European Film Academy — nomination — best short film

Autumn Man
Director Jonas Selberg Augustsen, 2010, 29 min
Autumn, the season when nature prepares to be reborn by dying. In this time of the year we meet two young fellows. They are perhaps not the most popular characters in the small Tornedalen community since their method of subsistence is on the outskirts of morality. Most of their endeavors seem to be jinxed as if a higher power is trying to say something about their life style. Two men, two different reactions, either bracing oneself or letting the scents of autumn open one’s mind.
Locarno International Film Festival — official selection