De-education of an architect

english with russian translation

After 10 years of experimental projects and adventures the international network Supersudaca has unlearnt what to expect from the practice of architecture – as taught back in school. The talk reflected on how Supersudaca incursions into rating agencies, direct architecture, Phnom Penh roofs, privatised libraries, Caribbean tourism, China´s plastics, among other topics can affect the limits and conception of what architecture can (also) be.

The lecture also addressed the contradictions and conflicts of its current practice that include accepting commissions from rich and poor clients alike, furniture scale interventions to macro regional studies, historical research and slippery present day culture, education and reality. The lecture will reflect on Supersudaca dispersed organization – an inevitable condition of ‘weak’ office- accepting incompleteness and processes above final products or statements. It will present a potential modus operandi of a parallel and sometimes invisible practice that is able to embrace simultaneously commercial demands, critical readings and doses of humor.

Supersudaca was founded in 2001 in Rotterdam and its current members & offices are dispersed in Buenos Aires, Lima, Brussels, Curacao, Rotterdam, Santiago and Montevideo. It was included by ICON magazine in the list of 20 architecture offices that will change the future. Supersudaca obtained the best entry award at the II International Architecture Bienale Rotterdam and received the Prince Claus Fund network-partner fellowship.