TEDx at Strelka: «The power of creativity»

strelka courtyard

The TEDxVorobyovy-Gory project team will, together with Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design, continue to show the best movies in TED’s history. This showing will be devoted to «The Power of Creativity». The participants will reflect on the importance of a creative approach to industries such as the car, robotics, and medicine industries, and how, as a result of applying such an approach, technology and things will appear that are capable of enhancing mankind’s physical capabilities.

The host of the evening: marketing teacher at Russia’s leading MBA schools and SOMAR’s Vice President for education, Maksim Girin.


20:30 — 21:10 Lecture by Vladimir Pirozhkov.

Vladimir Pirozhkov is a Russian designer, a member of the Russian Academy of Arts, and the founder of the «ASTRAROSSA» multi-industry center of design and innovation. He worked with Citroen and Toyota, taking part in the design of many popular car models. Vladimir will talk about his air transport project of the new generation.

21:10 — 22:10 — Moderated showing of the best movies in the history of TED.

22:10 — 22:30 — Recommendations from the organizers of the project on how to make your own TEDx.