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Tesla Boy: Modern Thrills

Part of: Concerts at Strelka


Moscow group Tesla Boy presents its first studio album Modern Thrills. The group will perform under the open sky in the courtyard of the Institute, which was recently named by the 2010 Moscow Architecture Biennale as the Best New Place in the City.

The group’s first album is titled Modern Thrills and includes the hits from the Tesla EP, «Electric Lady» and «Fire», which landed in Radio Maximum’s Top 100 for 2009. Rounding out the disk are three songs perhaps familiar to fans from live concerts, and six entirely new compositions.

Tesla Boy is a driving, experimental collage of electro, techno and stylistic nuances in the spirit of 80′s pop music. With the new material, the group introduces strains of downtempo and reggae as well.

Before the concert, a press conference will be held on Strelka’s summer veranda, during which Strelka representatives and the members of Tesla Boy will be answering questions from the audience. The press conference begins at 6:00 pm, with the concert beginning at 8:00 pm.

Inquiries for press accreditation should be directed to Tesla Boy’s PR manager, Elena Gubnitskaya, | +7 926 815 00 37