The future of money


«The Future of Money» is a joint conference of Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design and the MasterCard company, devoted to changes related to money, payment processes, and the financial behavior of people in the future. New technologies actively affect all areas of our lives and change things around us. Including money.During the last decades, the usual bills and coins are gradually pushed out of circulation by their virtual counterparts.

«The Future of Money» conference will be divided into three thematic blocks:

1. The society of the future

This bloc includes two lectures in which speakers will talk about how technology will develop and what, presumably, will become of society in the future. During his lecture, Vyacheslav Kozlov will analyze strengths and weaknesses of the Internet of Things project, the essence of which lies in the fact that in the future, all things will have an internet connection to report data to man and to communicate with each other.


Sergey Borovikov — futurist, expert at the “Construction of the Future” research group, general director of the nonprofit “Social Development Fund.”

Vyacheslav Kozlov — futurist, sociologist, founder and CEO at Summ()n, which examines possible scenarios for future development and consults companies that design innovative products and services.

2. A new round of the evolution of money

This bloc consists of three presentations and discussions on the impact of new technologies on the financial behavior of people, the sunset of «the era of cash», and the possible restructuring of business under the new conditions. James Gardner will speak about his book, Sidestep and Twist, dedicated to new competitive advantages of companies and future money. Alexander Dolgin will talk about the features of cultural industries and the «economics of clubs». And Ilia Ryabov will devote his presentation to businesses’ responses to the challenges posed by new technologies and changing consumer behavior.


James Gardner — a British expert in the field of innovation, author of Future Proof Bank and The Little Innovation Book, managing director at Spigit, the world’s largest software producer for innovation management.

Alexander Dolgin — Professor, head of the pragmatics of culture at the Higher School of Economics, author of «The Role of Money in Culture», «The Economy of Symbolic Exchange», «Manifesto for a New Economy» and creator of the Imhonet advisory network.

Ilya Riaby — expert on the payments industry and general director at MasterCard.

Ilya Oskolkov-Tsentsiper — President of the Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design and vice-president of Yota Group (moderator).

3. Design of the future money

This bloc consists of presentations and discussion on future payment systems and services and their designs. Rodion Shishkov will talk about the tools to analyse information that is not only available to financial institutions, but also to ordinary people and that allows to quickly make financial decisions. Anton Shigapov’s presentation will be devoted to next-generation payment solutions, and Vadim Kibardin will talk about the role of industrial design in the transformation process of money from cash into virtual devices and interfaces for managing personal and corporate finances.


Rodion Shishkov — financier, vice president of Yota, director of development of the online services of Yota Lab.

Vadim Kibardin — industrial designer and founder of the Russian-Czech Kibardin Design design studio. Developed future objects for Alexander Zeldovich’s film “Mishen,” which was shown at the Berlin Film Festival.

Anton Shigapov — expert on modern technologies in the field of payment solutions at MasterCard, responsible for the implementation of MasterCard’s innovative projects, in particular contactless payments with PayPass.