The Why Factory: Copy/Paste. How to copy a project in 3 minutes


The Copy/Paste workshop is devoted to questions of copying and original ideas. Its teachers, Winy Maas, Felix Madrazo and Alexander Sverdlov, will ask participants to reconsider the modern theory on reckless, quick, Copy/Paste borrowng, and they will talk about how, through copying, it’s possible to come to innovation, to translate borrowed ideas on another scale, or to change their meaning. The workshop’s participants will be split in groups of three, each of which has to gather specific data for an open library. Participants will then use the information from that base for their work.

Winy Maas is a Dutch architect, urbanist, and one of the co-founders of the MVRDV workplace, among whose projects are the South Korean Kwang Center, the DanishHouse of culture andmovement, and the project for the autonomous residential community in Moscow’s А101 suburb.

Felix Madrazo is a Mexican architect and one of the partners of Dutch bureau IND. He co-founded the Supersudaca workplace.

Alexander Sverdlov is a Russian architect. He graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute MARGI and the Dutch Berlage Institute. He worked in such companies asNeutelings Riedijk ArchitectsWest 8,Architecten Cie, and OMA / AMO. He founded his own bureau, SVESMI.