Three Territories: Thomas Stellmach on the design of urban environment

english (translated to russian)

Thomas Stellmach is a young urbanist and architect, one of the co-founders of the Uberbau bureau in Berlin, and professor at Rotterdam’s Berlage Institute, a post-graduate research program in architecture and urbanism. Among Thomas’ work are interiors and exhibition design, but he specializes in the comprehensive development of city territory. His last works: the project of the autonomous residential community in Moscow suburb A101, the Barking Riverside area in London, and the city construction project in Aleppo, Syria. He publishes his own architectural internet magazine,

In his lecture, Thomas Stellmach will talk about the main tasks and problems that arise when designing city environments. Using three projects that the Uberbau architectural bureau realized in Germany, the Netherlands, and Syria, he will talk about three kinds of design, about strategic planning and its role. Furthermore, he will, together with the director of the Berlage Institute Vedran Mimica, oversee the workshop «Island in the city: connection or isolation», dedicated to the construction of an embankment in Nizhny Novgorod.

Thomas Stellmach: «The main challenge of contemporary urbanism, in fact our society, is growth. Many of the challenges we are facing as a whole — climate change, limited resources, collapsing economies — are in fact side effects of supercharged growth. Urbanism must answer to these challenges. We need flexible and diverse structures which can be adapted. We can not afford ‘brittle’ plans anymore, which ‘break’ as soon some slight unpredictable change takes place».