Time to decide: What do we need to make courtyards better?

Part of: Time to Decide: What can we do to make residential areas of Moscow better?

strelka courtyard

Discussion will focus on courtyard spaces and will serve to help figure out what comprises the life in a microrayon, we will also discuss the international experience of community development and what has already been done in Moscow to create quality courtyard spaces. We will also draw up a roadmap for rehabilitation of already existing courtyards. Conference participants will talk about their ideas and vision of an ordinary Moscow microrayon, about families and children, young adults and entrepreneurs who live in a Moscow microrayons, and about what spaces matter the most for them. We will focus especially on the role of local communities and their ability to make an impact on a microrayon’s space. In addition, the PlanAR Architectural Bureau will talk on August 9 of their experience designing a courtyard for Marfino in Moscow.


– Aurash Khawarzad, Change Administration, USA
– Sergey Sitar, architect, critic, editor-in-chief of «Proekt International» Magazine
– Alexander Panchenko, editor-in-chief of “Bambuk” Project
– Elena Potapova, editor-in-chief of «Sosedi» website
– Natalya Voyinova, Ilya Mukosey, arhitectural studio “PlanAr
– Dubinin Alexander Alexandrovich, general director of  MC “Vedis-Comfort
– Vasiliy Varionchik, Head of local authority of Yuzhnoe Medvedkovo
– Vladimir Demidko, municipal deputy of Mitino District
– Mikhail Velmakin, municipal deputy of Otradnoe District
– Ilya Mochalov, landscape architect, general director “Ilya Mochalov and Partners”

Moderator: Natalya Chamaeva, Strelka Institute

Двор в Марфино