Time to decide: what should be the public consultation?

strelka courtyard

The final Time to Decide discussion is dedicated to public consultation – besides public hearings, this another format for interaction of those who directly develop the city and residents, who often impede the process, however later enjoy the results.

Meetings with local communities may take place on different stages of planning and design – before the public hearing, when there is only intention to change some space, the concept of the changes is being formulated, strategy is being considered. As part of Time to Decide were presented the ideas for improvement the embankments, cycling strategies, proposals for the development of industrial zones. Recently the question of the transport infrastructure and parks were also added to the agenda.

When do the residents get involved in the process of urban development? How should be organized the interaction with developers, planners, government officials? What should be done to make the dialogue with them stable and effective?

To answer these questions, we invite residents and experts in the fields of conflict resolution, local government, marketing, protection of the architectural heritage and development.

List of the participants include:

– Irina Postolenko, Senior engineer of Laboratory for humanitarian technologies in regional planning of the Russian State Research and Design Institute of Urban Studies (St. Petersburg).

– Lyubov Tsoi, PhD in Sociology, Associate Professor of Human Resource Management School of Management faculty in HSE, head of the Moscow School for Conflict Studies.

– Yelena Tkach, coordinator of the Public Coalition for Moscow, member of the municipal assembly in Presnensky district.

– Andrey Grinev,  general director of the State Development Company.

Moderator: Yefim Freidin, architect (Omsk), a graduate of the Strelka Institute, the curator of the Time to Decide discussions.