TSEKH at Strelka: Distribution of differences / I’ll try


Distribution of differences

Billa, Metro, U-Bahn, Guitar, Harmonica, Buns and other things.

Oleg Sulimenko (Vienna), Andrey Andrianov (Moscow)

In the mid 90-s two Russian dancers have left their country to find new approaches to dance and performance. They have travelled around western Europe, sometimes illegally, and in the end they have found themselves in Vienna. One of them has stayed there and the other one returned to Moscow. After many years they have started a joint creative project again via e-mail. What has happened to them during this time? Do they now live in different worlds? For their performances Andrey and Oleg have decided to use the sequence of small actions, as a tool to demonstrate similarities and differences in their current life and creative environments.

Concept, choreography, video, performance: Oleg Sulimenko and Andrey Andrianov

Music:  the Beatles, AC/DC, A-ha

Length: 40 minutes

Production: Oleg Soulimenko/Andrei Andrianov and Tanzquartier Wien

I’ll try

Alexander Andriyashkin (Moscow)

«The new work of Alexander — interactive performance «I’ll try», is based on continuous dialogue with the audience. It is a rare case when an artist and a spectator don’t only look at one another from the dark. It is this very chance to ruin may be invisible but existing border which goes right on the boarder of the stage. This is a risky experiment — as no one knows until the end if they will manage to understand one another and do we need that …» Tatiana «Morkov» Safonova

The author about the performance:

There is me and there are the spectators. Where are we? And are we still necessary and useful to one another? I don’t know, but I will try.

Author and performer: Alexander Andriyashkin

Support: Vadim Kartashevm, Nina Kungurova

During the performance there might (not) sound: The Hood, F.Sinatra, P.Comelade, L. Utesov, А. Alexandrov, A. Newman, Aquarium, Timati, Мadonna

Gratitude: Yulia Dolgova, Andrey Andrianov, Povstantsi, Tanzquartier Wien, Centre for contemporary dance TSEKH

Length: 35 minutes