TYIN Architects: Architecture of Necessity

strelka courtyard
english (translated to russian)

TYIN tegnestue Architects are a recently graduated firm that centre on a philosophy of an architecture of necessity. It was established by 5 architect students in 2008 and they have mainly completed work in the humanitarian field abroad, but their core thinking lies in the adaption of situations, and this can be implemented practically anywhere in the world.

Recently the firm won the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture for their Klong Toey Community Lantern built in Thailand.

“For us sustainability is a lot about the social issue and project, because it needs to be connected to people’s dreams and visions in the local situation. It is not my idea that will be important or the student’s we work with, it is actually the people’s idea using that place. We used the term “social sustainability” more than a technical or energy sustainability.”

The lecture will present past and current projects done by the firm in Thailand, Uganda Sumatra and Norway, and also their work with architecture schools.

Interview here.