TYIN tegnestue Architects. Public space as a tool for dialogue

Part of: a series of workshops for changing urban environment


The goal of the workshop will be to increase the awareness of how the public space is used and how this affects the social environment.

The participants will be challenged to embrace and make use of local resources, both physical and social, to achieve a better connection to the site and the surrounding area. They will be challenged to discover and develop ideas within a short time-frame and to be active and critical to the ideas.
The work will be hands-on and intuitive, focusing on practical and realistic solutions to large scale issues and discussions. Through active observation, sketching and dialogue the group will develop a simple, yet beautiful and strong concept that tackles some of the main issues found in the area.
Topics that will be addressed include: how the community uses the space, how this space relates to the region/city in a larger scale, what are the qualities of the site and what can be improved.

Possible outcome:

A representation of the site, in a form of a  large scale model, with its inherent qualities that would be built by participants in collaboration with the local community, government and users of the site. It can then be used as a meeting place, a focal point for dialogue and discussion and information center. It would trigger discussions and become a tool of communicating visions by the residents of the neighborhood.

TYIN tegnestue Architects was established in 2008. The office has completed several projects in poor and underdeveloped areas of Thailand, Burma, Haiti and Uganda.

Solutions to real and fundamental challenges call for an architecture where everything serves a purpose – an architecture that follows necessity. By involving the local populace actively in both the design and building of their projects, TYIN are able to establish a framework for mutual exchange of knowledge and skills. All materials used in TYIN´s projects are collected close to the sites or purchased from local merchants.

TYIN is currently run by Masters of Architecture Andreas G. Gjertsen and Yashar Hanstad, and has its headquarters in the Norwegian city of Trondheim. TYIN has won several international awards and their projects have been published and exhibited worldwide.

Klong Toey Community Lantern By TYIN tegnestue Architects