Underground music in the modern city

strelka courtyard
german (translated to russian)

What is the underground music today? Can it be commercially successful and still stay out of the mainstream culture? How this phenomenon is viewed by the audience, and how it affects the musical culture of today? Does it reflect the change of urban space? Russian experts will discuss the phenomenon of the underground music in big cities with German musicians Gudrun Gut and Sasсha Kösch.


Artemiy Troitskiy, music critic


Gudrun Gut is a German musician and producer. She studied visual communication at the University of Arts in Berlin. In the early eighties she became a member of the art movement “brilliant dilettantes” and the lead singer of bands Mania D and Malaria!, thusly turning into one of the iconic figures of the German New Wave. Gudrun played in the first formation of the band Einstürzende Neubauten, after which turned to the noise experiments in the industrial style. In 1994, Gudrun Gut founded Oceanclub, which brought together leading electronic musicians of the time. Since 1997 Oceanclub goes to the Berlin Radio Eins as a radio show on electronic music. Gudrun Gut label Monika Enterprise has been successful for over ten years and specializes in electronic music.

Interview with Gudrun Gut for “Germany and Russia” Magazine.

Gudrun Gutʼs podcast at The Wire magazine.

Sascha Kösch is a music critic and DJ who lives and works in Berlin. In 1997 he founded the magazine de: Bug that became by far the most famous German outlet on the independent electronic and experimental music as well as other “electronic aspects of daily life”. The avant-garde design of the magazine, which resembles a large-format newspaper, has been awarded various prizes, including the Red Dot Design Award and the Award of Excellence of European Newspaper Award.

Maxim Silva Vega, music promoter. In 2004 Maxim has founded international music festival Avantfest and club project AvantClub  to promote young Russian artists. Maxim organised tours for different foreign artists – Notwist, Lali Puna, Console, Alexander Hacke, Funkstorung, Stereo Total, Plokk.

Natalia Kaplinskaya and Alexey Shelobokov, Arma17 club promoters

Organizer of the discussion:
German Cultural Center Goethe