English (Translation into Russian)

Clement Briend will talk about how to use the projection for changing public spaces and people’s everyday life

During the lecture, French photographer and media artist Clement Briend will explain in detail his artistic methods and present the results of his two-day workshop at Strelka Institute. The projections from the workshop will be showcased at the party that will conclude the lecture.

Briend deliberately chooses public spaces as venues for his artworks. This way, he blurs the divide between imagination and reality. He doesn’t seek commercial gains from his works. Instead, he dreams about changing the world. Briend uses social and political modalities of public spaces in order to affect the way people see their daily reality. During his recent Cambodian Trees exhibition, Clément Briend overlaid the trees in Paris and Cambodia with 3D-projected images of divine creatures – from gargoyles to Buddha mirages – that are highly regarded in Cambodian culture. Such nocturnal visions allow us to grasp the way magic profoundly influences how Cambodian people perceive the world.

The lecture is a part of Polytech at Strelka collaborative educational programme created by the Polytechnic Museum and the Strelka Institute. The program will include a series of events dedicated to popular science and new developments in contemporary art at the intersection where science, architecture and visual art collide. From May through September 2014, the Strelka Institute will host public lectures and seminars on science-art, as well as multiple activities for curators, artists and museum professionals.