Urban Culture for Outdoor Advertising


Mirjam Struppek and Susa Pop will give a lecture outlining how to use media-facades and advertising billboards to develop an urban environment, society and culture

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Turin-based urbanist Mirjam Struppek and Berlin-based curator and producer Susa Pop will speak about the possibilities for circulating non-profit digital content in our cities. As part of Public Art Lab, their project in Berlin, the duo use advertising screens and media-facades to develop artistic projects, with help from the city’s residents.

Mirjam Struppek is an urbanist, researcher, and consultant, who has been a member of Berlin’s Public Art Lab since 2007. She has a background in urban city planning and has published several essays on the livability of urban space. Mirjam has been
instrumental in building the Urban Screens community and in collaboration with the Institute of Network Cultures, she served as the curator and co-organizer of the first international Urban Screens conference in 2005, and the coordinator for the multimedia program of the Urban Screens program in Melbourne in 2008. She is currently working on a plan to use outdoor advertising screens to develop a sustainable urban society.

Susa Pop is the managing director of Public Art Lab, which she founded in 2003. Her primary interest is creative community building through networking art projects in public spaces. Susa believes that the new opportunities afforded by digital media and virtual public sphere can catalyze artistic processes and public awareness. She was the initiator of the majority of PAL’s projects, including Media Facades Festival, the Mobile Studio and the Mobile Museum. She now holds international conferences and workshops on the field of urban media and teaches at the University of Potsdam and at the FH Potsdam.