Urban Transport: Can Countries in Transition Avoid the Mistakes Made by Western Countries?

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english (translated to russian)

Moscow and other Russian cities are facing some revolutionary changes in transportation conditions and quality of life. The rapid increase in ownership of private cars initially brings much greater mobility for their owners. However, extensive shift of travel from public transport to private cars results in congestion which then reduces mobility of all travelers, deteriorates urban environment and creates cities which are not friendly to people.

Similar problems occurred in western industrialized countries several decades ago. They used different policies to solve congestion, some of which resulted in serious deterioration of cities. In recent decades some cities have solved the problems by planning transportation systems which consist of balanced use of public and private transport and which creates much more livable cities.

The speaker will review present problems in Russian cities, then describe mistakes and successes by different western countries. He will focus on the measures which Russian cities should select to avoid common mistakes and lead to livable cities.

Prof. Vukan R. Vuchic

UPS Foundation Professor of Transportation Systems Engineering, City and Regional Planning, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Prof. Vuchic obtained his M.Eng. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of California at Berkeley. He has presented courses and lectures in urban transportation at the University of Pennsylvania (UP) and 75 other universities in many countries. His research is published in about 150 articles and reports. He also authored the internationally known Transit Trilogy, three books covering various aspects of urban transit systems engineering, planning, economics and policy. One of them is “Urban Transit Systems and Technology”.

Prof. Vuchic worked on planning and design of rail transit systems in Belgrade, Edmonton, Hamburg, Naples, Perth, San Francisco and Washington. He has been consultant to many cities and transit agencies.