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Velonoch: Afterparty

strelka courtyard

On July 3d Strelka courtyard will host the 5th Moscow Velonight afterparty, the conceptual night-time architecture and bike show. The afterparty will bring together participants of the Velonight and those who were unable to take part in the previous night. Everyone will be able to share their videos and photos from the archi-bike tour and to watch the shorts from the programme of the International Bike Film Festival. This time the Moscow Velonight will take place on the night between 2nd and 3d June. The event was first organized in 2007 by Moskulturprog and its founder, the historian Sergey Nikitin. This year the Velonight will run along Leninsky Prospekt and will be dedicated not only to architecture but also to the history of sport, aeronautics and Yuri Gagarin. Every year the project becomes bigger and bigger. Now the guides have to lead their tours not though megaphone but through fm-frequency. Last time there were more than 1000 participants, and road police had to block the streets to let the huge convoy of bicycles to pass through (some roller-skaters and scooters also took part). More detailed programme and registration for the event can be found at