VERSTAS Architects: What’s the best way to design a school?

Part of: Finnish Design Days in Moscow

strelka courtyard
english (translated to russian)

Can the design of a classroom influence pupils’ academic achievement? Can it influence how teachers think? Why should we spend time, money, and energy thinking about how our schools are designed? Why should the best and most talented architects design our schools? Jussi Palva, a partner and leading architect at VERSTAS Architects Ltd., will address these and other questions at a lecture at Strelka.

VERSTAS means “workshop” in Finnish. The firm’s mission is to create comfortable spaces that fit into their environments seamlessly. VERSTAS specializes in designing schools, homes, and offices. VERSTAS’s designs have won numerous Finnish and international awards. The Kirkkojärvi school in Espoo, Finland was awarded Best School in the World at the 2010 Architecture Biennial and received an International Architecture Prize in 2011.

VERSTAS Architects