Weekend Fair: Harvest Festival from LavkaLavka


Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design and the farm food project LavkaLavka are organizing a real harvest festival at Krasny Oktyabr!

Traditionally, early autumn is the time to harvest the crops and celebrate the end of the agricultural season. As part of Strelka’s series of ‘Weekend Fairs’ several dozen farmers working with LavkaLavka will bring everything they have grown, procured or caught, to Moscow.

Hardly can one find such gastronomic diversity in Moscow: 11 varieties of cabbage, 12 of mushrooms, 9 types of domestic and wild fowl, Murom and Nizhyn cucumbers, Romanov and Danilovsky onions, Krasnoe Selo and Petrovskaya turnips, Belyov pastila, hazelnuts, cowberries, foxberries, bilberry honey, fish pickled with spices, pike, whitefish, grouse, vendace, pumpkin seed oil, semi-wild boars, pinecone jam and so much more.

The entrance to the fair is free.

Not only will you be able to buy farm products at the fair, but you will also have an opportunity to taste them. At 7 pm, Bar Strelka’s chefs Nathan Dallimore and Natalie Horsting will lay Moscow’s longest dinner table! Glen Ballis and Mamu (Roni) and Scott Denning (Bosco Bar) will help them. Glen and Mamu will prepare the starter – New style Sakhalin scallops with a daikon ponzu dressing. Scott will make the dessert; it will be a warm wild berry & almond tart with Manuka honey & almond ice cream. Nathan and Natalie will cook the main course: they will spit roast a suckling pig and a lamb and serve them with roast apple sauce and cranberry chutney respectively.

The dinner will culminate with ice cream from New Zealand Natural.

Anyone can take part in this tremendous feast. A ticket (3 courses, drinks included) will cost 2500 rubles (available at Strelka Institute’s information stand).