Why do we need eco-design?


There is more to environmentally friendly design than ecological architecture. What you have inside your home or office matters, too.

What is environmentally friendly, ecological design? In recent years, it has become more than a nod to contemporary fashion, but rather a legitimate necessity, and has been developing on a broad industrial scale. The focus is on protecting the environment at all stages in the production process and in the use of materials.

In the course of a new debate at Strelka, we are going to discuss ecologically friendly furniture, lighting fixtures, finishes, paint, and a lot more. We are going to find out about more examples of environmentally friendly design at residential apartments in Moscow and at offices worldwide.

Guest participants in the debate:

Andrea Annoni of Mekran will be here to tell us about the contradictions in ecological design, new materials, and the furniture-making industry.

Svetlana Zvezdina, Turner & Townsend Business Development Manager

Alexei Shirshov, founder of the Tom Sawyer’s School for Ecological Renovation, will tell us about natural materials for home renovation and interior decoration, some of which are even edible. He will also be telling us how to do ecological renovation at home.

The debate will be moderated by Guy Eames, CEO, Green Building Council, Russia.

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