Workshop D&AD White Pencil: working in the field of creative industries


D&AD is an international design and advertising award that aims to spread creative standards, educate, inspire and implement high-quality design and advertising. In 2011, the D&AD White Pencil award was added to the Yellow Pencil and Black Pencil. This third award is handed to authors of ideas and projects that changed the world for the better.

The organizers of the D&AD award will, together with the founder and creative director of the British Work Club agency, lead this workshop on work in creative industries.

The workshop’s participants will learn about D&AD’s activities and principles, its educational programs for students and young professionals, and about the new White Pencil award. They will be given a brief that will have them form a new approach to creative work, understand how to create projects that affect social behavior, and they will work together with leading design- and advertising professionals. During the workshop, Andy Sandoz will describe the activities of the Work Club agency and his experience in digital design. At the end of the workshop, participants will present their concepts and ideas, which will then be analyzed in greater detail with the teachers.