WTF?! / What The Film?!

original language with russian subtitles

Going to the movies these days can be a stressful business. In our anxiety not to waste a single half hour of our lives we read long reviews and knock ourselves senseless with superfluous information about festival shortlists, prize-nominations, and box-office sales. We study the career highlights of cast and crew, watch trailers that all but tell us the outcome of the film, and ultimately deprive ourselves of half the fun of sitting in front of the silver screen.

“WTF?!/What The Film?!” seeks volunteers for a risky psychological experiment. Seven summer nights and seven films our guests knew very little about until the auditorium lights were dimmed. They had minimal information, no expectations, and no pre-formed opinions. Unexpected impressions are a rarity – but they are almost always the most truthful and the most important.

The program of “WTF?!/What The Film?!” was сurated by Russian film critic Roman Volobuyev, who has contributed to Izvestia, Vedomosti, Premiere, Empire, and Afisha.


A social tragicomedy about the last love of a bald, married, but young hearted lawyer set against a background of international criminality and a crisis in the judicial system of a small island state.

Includes scenes of violence against pets, recitations of German philosophers and Russian poetry, shootings, road works, a debate on Zen Buddhism, and a quite brutal scene involving root vegetables that is known to have caused the death of at least one member of the audience in Denmark.

Age restriction: 18+