Yuri Grigoryan and Sergey Sitar

strelka courtyard

What is the current state of architecture in this country and abroad? What are the peculiarities of the approach to spatial practices in Russia compared to Europe?

What is the difference in intellectual and cultural context in Soviet and post-Soviet architectural practices? Architects Yuri Grigoryan and Sergey Sitar will touch on these and other questions.

Yuri Grigoryan

Architect Yuri Grigoryan is the Co-director of Education as a Project studio and Director of Education at Strelka Institute. Apart from practicing architectural design, Yuri teaches at MARKHI and takes part in conferences and public discussionson architecture. He is also a co-founder of Project Meganom, an architecture office that is famous for such buildings as Barvikha Concert Hall and Tsvetnoy Central Market. In 2009, Project Meganom won a competition to develop the Project of the Perm Contemporary Art Museum.

Sergey Sitar

An architect, critic, editor for the Theory Section of Project International Magazine and ranking instructor of the Humanities Module at MARSh School of Architecture studied at the South California Institute of Architecture in LA (Sci-Arch) in 1991 – 1992 and graduated from Moscow Architecture Institute in 1996. In collaboration with Bart Goldhoorne, he established Project Russia architectural magazine, working on that project as a writer, deputy editor-in-chief and art director; currently he works there as editor of the Theory Section. In recent years, Sergey Sitar has been touring with lectures, teaching and working on strategic development projects for Russian regional cities, including Norilsk, Sochi, and cities and towns in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region.  Most recently, in 2011-2012, he has been scientific advisor for the ERA of the Region North Ossetia/Alania Republic Program.

Концертный зал в Барвихе, бюро «Проект Меганом»